IPA, but not really from India and not really a pale ale


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Where does Vedett IPA get its delightful aroma, we hear you ask? Well, we're not going into teaching mode but the secret lies in the different hop varieties used to create this extra ordinary beer with an extraordinary history. Indeed, the hops are chosen to produce a harmonious marriage (Does that exist?) between fruity notes of subtropical citrus on the one hand and more floral, green and fresh aromas on the other. The taste, you may have noticed, has a pronounced but mild bitterness with hints of grapefruit which increase in intensity. Its velvety, malty undertones give way to sweet, caramel notes and its superb, long-lasting finish continues to tantalise the taste buds long afterwards. Now enough brewer lyrics, shout me a Vedett.


We don't mind admitting that India Pale Ale was actually invented by British brewers. Particularly because it was back in the 17th century, and Belgium didn't even exist then. In any case, these clever Brits stumbled on the idea of adding hops to their beloved beers. To preserve them for export to distant colonies such as India (hence the name). Sheer genius, if you'd ask us! Not only did the addition of hops preserve the flavour and quality of the beer on its long journey across the seas, it also imparted a bitter taste. We humbly raise our glass to them